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Welcome to FREE-online.org.uk, the web resource that accompanies ‘FREE’. This student resource is for seekers and sceptics who want to explore the message of Jesus with an open and adult mind. We want to answer your questions about ‘Mark’ and to tackle the big questions of life.

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Life throws up many awkward questions that are so easily repressed and pushed to the side. Here is an opportunity to stop, reflect, and to examine our own belief-system.

  • Why bother with Christianity?

    Jude Grundy learned about Christianity from her Christian parents and when listening to a preacher at the age of seven experienced an overwhelming sense of... more...

  • How can miracles be possible?

    [1] Dr Peter Saunders grew up in a Christian home in New Zealand and committed his life to Jesus Christ in his teenage years through Christian youth... more...

  • Why isn’t ‘good enough’, good enough for God?

    John Chapman started getting invitations to events where the gospel was explained, after his high-school friend became a Christian. It was at one of these... more...